The problem with the MICE industry

Jun 25, 2018 by in  MICE problems

We start with the MICE…..


Ideas come from frustration. Working in the tourism, meetings & events industry for 15 years, I noticed that some destinations or hotels who were always  were not always the best choice.

In contrast, when I worked in Morocco, I discovered amazing properties but almost no clients. How is that possible? What do they need to do to attract the right audience towards their hotel or destination? Some of these suppliers reached out to me for support, but I couldn’t give the support that I wanted to give.

I have received loads of standard presentations, folders, flyers, USB-sticks, goodie bags… at events and exhibitions and I’ve thrown them all away. This is not a sustainable, creative solution where you will receive the right exposure and attract the right audience. Furthermore, we can’t even measure the impact or ROI…

As a freelance event planner, I had the privilege to join some fam (familiarisation) trips abroad where I discovered interesting spots for my clients. But why are there only a few spots that I saw during the trip that were interesting to me? The group was too diverse as a wide range of different profiles were joining the group with all kinds of interests. This type of promotion that was, again, not targeted at a specific audience and moreover, they neglected to measure the ROI.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

Why do we keep repeating what we are doing and neglect to measure the impact of our actions? How is it possible that we create amazing experiences for clients but are not able to sell or show it to new clients? Is there an alternative way to promote our destination, venue, city, region or hotel in a sustainable, creative way within the right target audience?

Yes, there is!

Fed up with the old-fashioned way of working, I thought there must be another way. Inspired by the many travel bloggers and vloggers, wouldn’t we be able to create B2B campaigns for suppliers in our meetings & events industry? Yes, we can! And yes, we can measure the impact of our input/work.

Our goal is to support our suppliers with a creative way of promoting their services or product within the right target audience to create a tailor-made campaign. We work in an amazing industry, visit the most stunning places and we don’t share our story? It’s so powerful if someone else, with his/her expertise within the industry can tell your story.

So, we started in 2016 and created a global community of professional experts (influencers) and selected the right profiles to support the suppliers in our industry on different goals like awareness, visibility, image etc.

Word of MICE is born! A little mouse can create a huge impact, if you want to know what kind of impact we can create for you, contact us. We spread the word.

MICE regards,

Mariska Kesteloo

Founder Word of MICE


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