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word of mice quick scan game

It’s a busy, stressful world, but we are here to make things easy and fun. We thought: Let’s create a game!

Creating and setting up an influencer campaign requires a lot of preparation and input from different departments from your company. Influencer marketing is aligned with your online & offline marketing activities, therefore we wanted to make this process easy, smooth, interactive and also fun. Otherwise it would feel like a police interrogation 🚨 !

Goal of the game

We like to make things easier and gamification is the perfect ‘playful’ tool. We are active in different countries and by using a game you can break barriers and use the input of all participants. My team consists of professional game developers who created this game.

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What can you expect?

  • gaining an understanding of your current digital marketing efforts
  • setting out long term goals
  • finding solutions on how these goals can be reached

The game uses concepts of solution-based brief therapy  and applies them to the inbound digital marketing methodology.

word of mice quick scan game

The idea behind solution-based brief therapy is that you focus on what you are already doing right, instead of what you are doing wrong. You look at someone’s positive assets and empower those. This gives a team the courage and belief that they are able to tackle difficult situations and gives them a sense of direction on what to do next.

In the game you assign scores to different digital marketing efforts. This allows you to quantify your efforts and see where you are, but also where you want to be and how to achieve your goals.

A game by any other name would smell as sweet! Thanks to Roxana Nasoi, Vienna House, Mia Butler and Egon van de Kamp for these suggestions!

How to start the game?


word of mice quick scan game

We start with defining your desired target audience (can be more than 1). For every target audience we go through the 3 steps : Attract, engage and delight. We start by analyzing your strengths and build on those to see which next possible steps are the best.

You start the game by setting up the game grid as shown below. You start by creating MICE persona’s and then going through the 3 phases (attract, engage, delight) one at a time.

For every phase you:

  1. Assign a score from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) to your current efforts within that phase. For example: Give a score of 4 out of 10 for the attract phase of the event manager persona.
  2. Assess the current situation for that persona while focusing on the positive aspects. The question is NOT why only a 4 out of 10, but rather: why a 4 out of 10 and not a 0? How did you already make it to 4 out of 10? For example: We gave a 4 because we post at least once a month on social media and we get some positive feedback on those posts.
  3. Think of possible actions that would make the score a little higher. The idea here is not to want to achieve an 8 out of 10 straight away, but think of ways to heighten the score by 0.5 or 1 point at a time. You want participants to break up long term goals into smaller, more achievable steps. For example: to gain 1 point, we can post twice a month and boost our most successful post to our followers.

In the span of 2 hours, you’ll have an overview of your digital marketing efforts, concrete next steps, and a more empowered team that has a better overview of what they have achieved and can still achieve.

Client review

The best way to discover if we have indeed developed an effective and fun game, is to test it! Our first try-out was for the Vienna House team in Berlin. The meeting was planned on a Friday afternoon, the perfect time to combine work and play!

The game revealed the team’s focus in the digital marketing landscape and brought to light the different roles within the team. It exposed how some decisions took place and how to better streamline the processes between different departments.

We discovered this team has a lot of reasons to be proud of their achievements. They were able to produce a lot of new ideas to help shape their digital marketing activities. The whole team was engaged and committed to these new goals. Moreover, the ideas and suggestions that came out of the game aligned perfectly with their strategy.

The perfect start for your influencer marketing campaign

Another reason for us to create this game was to test whether a company is ready for an influencer marketing campaign. To start an such a marketing campaign, a company needs to be prepared. There is no use in paying money for a campaign that is doomed to fail from the start. This game allows us to test whether a company is ready to have a Key Opinion Leader generate leads.

To play this game in an optimal way, we recommend to have different profiles at the table: sales & marketing, PR, people with in-depth knowledge of the MICE sector… Because all departments will be involved in the influencer marketing campaign.

  • Do you want to visualize your digital marketing activities with your team?
  • Looking for an amazing fun tool to create conversations with different departments?
  • Do you want to create ideas and make sure you’re ready for an influencer campaign?

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