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frequently asked questions

Why does the MICE industry need influencer marketing?

Our industry is one of amazing destinations, venues, hotels, conference centers, with unique stories to be told. Rather than using the classic ways, such as brochures and flyers, telling your story through social media is the start of a conversation that will engage your target audiences. It allows you to be creative and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Most importantly, the results are measured and reported, so you can clearly see the impact of your campaign.

Because each client is different, each campaign is unique, and the goals may differ. Traackr compiled a list of the top 10 goals of influencer marketing (see chart).

Word of MICE is dedicated to achieving your goals and believes a social media campaign could

  • improve brand advocacy
  • expand brand awareness
  • reach new targeted audiences
  • increase share of voice
  • improve sales conversion
improve brand advocacy 94%
expand brand awareness 92%
reach new targeted audiences 88%
increase share of voice 86%
improve sales conversion 74%
manage reputation 68%
drive lead generation 67%
accelerate digital transformation 64%
improve customer satisfaction 63%
improve employee's influence 53%

(source Traackr.com)

Why should I pay to work with influencers?

Word of MICE has created a global community of carefully selected influencers within the MICE industry. These experts in their field follow the relevant trends and developments in our sector, know which channels and posts have the most impact, and how to add value to your campaign. Whether your goal is to reach a qualified audience, to improve brand advocacy, or improves sales conversion, industry insiders know nest how to improve return on investment. As such, they are entitled to fair compensation.

Who are the ‘Word of MICE’ influencers?

Word of MICE is a growing community of social media influencers from within the MICE industry, with profiles ranging from young dynamic planners to senior entrepreneurs. In case we don’t have the right profile in our portfolio, we search outside our community to find the right match. We regularly organize meet-ups and activities to keep our community informed, connected, and thriving.

criteria for our social media influencers:

  1. have a working experience of at least 3 years (preferably more) in the MICE industry
  2. be knowledgeable about the MICE industry as a planner or supplier;
  3. be active on social media on a regular basis, writing and sharing relevant content
  4. have a network of planners, suppliers and decision makers national and internationally related with the MICE industry

Word of MICE influencers are not selected based on the size of their following, but on the quality of their network. The MICE industry is a very particular niche industry, and only ‘insiders’ can become influencers.

How does Word of MICE operate?

A Word of MICE campaign is a 6 step process:

  1. identify needs: analyzing the target audience you want to reach, preferred channel, timeframe, desired outcomes,…
  2. scouting & selection: casting a wide net and searching our database for beloved personalities and thought leaders of today’s social media platforms based on the requirements of the customer
  3. briefing: WOM sits down with both customer and influencer(s) to align and coordinate the creative content and brand communication
  4. planning: WOM proposes a plan of influencer communication and strategy
  5. marketing: influencers broadcast branded communication through his or her channel while WOM follows up closely
  6. final report: after the branded influencer communication comes to an end, a final assessment is shared with all available figures

During the entire process WOM will keep you up to date, delivering insights into the influencer’s performance during every phase.

How much does it cost?

A challenging question as every client is unique and campaigns are tailor-made to suit particular needs. You can expect the price for a campaign to start at €3.000

Prices depend on the number of followers an influencer has, whether the influencer is responsible for producing all the content, how often and for how long you partner up with a particular influencer etc.

For a detailed offer, please contact us describing your ambitions and needs.

How do I contact you?

Use this form to ask us anything:

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