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Workshop B2B influencer marketing

Suppliers, event planners, conference organizers… we are all looking for ways to stand out from crowd. To promote your venue, destination or event within your desired target audience, is a huge challenge! How do you reach your desired target audience today? B2B Influencer marketing could be an option, but how does it work? 

B2B influencer marketing is a fantastic, creative way with many options to share your story. During our workshops we share the right tools, strategic insights and lessons learned/knowledge about the world of B2B influencer marketing and how to reach your goals. 

This workshop is created to give you the right insights, the full support that you need to start to start with creating your upcoming campaigns.

how do you set up a B2B influencer marketing campaign

What will you learn?

  • What a campaign looks like
  • Rules to create a successful campaign
  • Where to find influencers
  • How to select the right influencer
  • How influencer marketing contributes to your goals
  • Examples of case studies
  • Which activities an influencer can improve
  • Additional tips to start your own campaign

Target audience

Who has something to gain by following this workshop

Convention bureaus

How to create amazing social media posts that generate excitement leading up to, during, and after your event


Venues & Hotels

Persuade organizers by highlighting your venue's or Hotel's selling points


Meeting Planners

Generate leads for your meeting facilities, learn to specifically target a B2B audience



Show your customers you cater to their needs and give them all you've got!



profile your destination for a specific b2b industry

Why book this workshop?

learning the tricks of the trade

This workshop is unique in the MICE industry. Our company has years of experience within the field of B2B influencer marketing in the MICE industry and will share their insights, experiences and lessons learned of the industry, which will directly contribute to your outcome of the workshop.

We give these workshops on B2B influencer marketing all over the world.

Businesses want start influencer marketing campaigns but don't know where to start...


teaching the tricks of the trade
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Mariska Kesteloo

Founder of Word of MICE

email: mariska@wordofmice.com

Alessia Di Raimondo, Ph.D

MICE Sales & Marketing specialist

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