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May 28, 2018 by info@wordofmice.com in  improvement
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If you are frustrated about something, then change things instead of complaining. We have the privilege to work in a great industry: MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conference, Events & Exhibitions), where we contribute directly to the local economy. Some of us say that our industry is equal to the total revenue of the pharmaceutical industry, just to give you an insight as to how powerful and big our industry really is.

Imagine that we can change, that we can create impact and support the local economy, wouldn’t that be amazing? Not only will our direct clients profit from our actions, but also the local taxi driver, the owner of the shop around the corner, the bartender who gets an extra tip. How? Some destinations, cities, regions, suffer from a bad reputation due to recent events, political situations, natural causes or other external influences.

What if we, with our expertise and power on social media, can support these suppliers and destinations?

To tell the real story from an expert point of view and change the personal perception of the people in and outside our industry, to show the potential of the destination and inspire planners, entrepreneurs, decision makers to organise their next meeting, incentive or event in that city. To give our contribution to the local economy.

Therefore we created a professional community of experts within our industry who can contribute to your goal, your mission. Word of MICE provides experts with the right education and content to make the community even stronger. We launch our Word of MICE Academy on 7th of July in London to provide our experts with the support they need.

You could call them social media influencers but we prefer to use the word experts. Why? These people have been working in our amazing industry for several years, have the knowledge and knowhow and pick up trends and developments first. They share our vision to contribute to the local economy and to support the needs of our clients. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an expert who can share your story in his/her own words and show the true potential of your product and/or service, getting it the exposure that deserves?

That’s what we do: we connect you with the right experts to spread the word!

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Eager to become part of our community of experts or in need of support to spread your story?
The academy of Word of MICE is born! We will launch our first workshop on the 7th of July in London, more info here.

A little mouse can create a huge impact, if you want to know what kind of impact we can create for you, contact us. We spread the word.

MICE regards,
Mariska Kesteloo
founder Word of MICE


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