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This growing method of driving brand messages to key audiences through social media networks is about more than just posting content across various channels.

As an event industry blogger and content producer, I often get asked about influencer marketing. It requires language skills, marketing skills, cultural awareness and digital skills, amongst other things. When Word of Mice first approached me to work on a campaign for a convention bureau, I was asked to put together a proposal. This was not just my chance to bid for the opportunity to work on the campaign but my chance to represent myself and showcase the skills that I could use to showcase the destination. Here are my tips on creating a proposal that will help you stand out to brands:

1. Create a professional design

You have decided to take you social media activities from a hobby to a business and your proposal needs to reflect your personal brand in the design, so that it coordinates with your online platforms.

influencer desing word of mice

Influencers can consider using a graphic designer to help create a professional looking proposal or alternatively use some of the online tools that are available.  Brands want to know that they are dealing with a professional from the start and your proposal is your first opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism.

2. Introduce yourself

It is true that people do business with people. That is why influencer marketing has enjoyed so much success and why brands are keen to work with influencers. Brands will have a flavour of who you are from your online presence but using your proposal to introduce yourself gives you the opportunity to sell yourself and outline why you are a good match for the campaign or activity that they are asking you to get involved with.

influencer logo brand word of mice

You don’t need to include your whole CV but do consider what is relevant to your career and how it relates to the brand that you are pitching to work with e.g mention any other similar brands you have worked with and campaigns you have been involved with. If you have any relevant awards, achievements or qualifications then don’t forget to include these to demonstrate your expertise in the field.


3. Let the numbers do the talking

Creating content across multiple platforms? Here is your chance to showcase what and  where you are posting. The brand may have seen your activity and engaged with you on one platform but don’t forget to let them know all the places that you have been building an audience.

report influencer social media word of mice

They’ll also be keen to see your social media metrics, so, as well as including your platforms include any statistics that could help get you selected. If you have a blog/website include the stats for that too: visitors, subscribers etc. Provide a link to all of these channels in the proposal to encourage the brand to view your previously created content.

4. Meet the brief

Read the brief and campaign goals thoroughly then use the proposal to outline what methods you will use to meet the brief and deliver ROI. This is your chance to shine. Consider how you can be creative across your various platforms. This is not just about what you can do, it is about how you can do it to support the brand that you are working with.

briefing influencer social media word of mice

They will need to see this demonstrated so share what type of content you will be creating and when you will be sharing it. Outline why you have chosen this method and why it will be effective in achieving the campaign goals. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need any clarification on the brief. Show how you can create a variety of opportunities for the brand to be showcased to your audience, outlining why the type of content suggested would work well.

5. Outline your measurements in influencer marketing

Even if not requested explicitly in the brief, be clear about how you will measure the performance of your campaign. Brands will want to know how effective your efforts have been. It is wise to agree at the beginning of the campaign exactly what will need to be reported and how often. That way both yourself and the brand know what to expect.

measurements in influencer marketing word of mice

Once you have covered all of the above don’t forget to include your price. If you have broken down your campaign into what you will deliver and how accurately, the brand should be able to see how your price reflects the work involved. If you are unable to identify the areas in a brief that can be addressed by the above you will need to ask for further clarity. Likewise, offer the brand the opportunity to ask any questions of yourself so you can expand on anything that they want further explanation on.

The campaign should be a two way partnership and you should be looking for a brand that is professional and a good fit for you as much as they are looking for the same from you. Overall, the proposal should reflect you and your personal brand and your talent/expertise in delivering effective campaigns.

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