Tomorrowland: when an event becomes an experience

Jul 28, 2017 by in  case study
behind the scenes of the most spectacular festival in the world

The Word Of Mice team had the privilege of visiting the festival grounds of Tomorrowland, the largest and arguably most sensational festival in Belgium, Europe, possibly the world. Organized by the Belgian chapter of MPI (Meeting Professionals International) we were joined by other members of the MICE community for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of this spectacular large-scale event.

The magic of details

The creators of Tomorrowland had but one goal in mind: create a festival they’d want to go to themselves… and that means so much more than having great bands perform on stage. Their vision includes people coming together in a magical atmosphere to enjoy music, each other’s company, and great food served on recyclable plates.

Visitors will certainly experience some magic, if only from the way everything looks. Tomorrowland’s signature fantastical style goes beyond the elaborate music stages, it’s found in every corner of the park. It’s meant to transport visitors and never break the spell.

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Take your customer on a journey

Special attention is given to every part of the experience. From the moment you leave for Tomorrowland, until the moment you arrive back home, Tomorrowland surrounds you every step of the way. The attention to the customer journey is baffling and highly effective. It’s how Tomorrowland goes from being simply an event, to a fully immersive experience.

Travel packages offer the whole trip, ‘doorstep-to-doorstep’. Tomorrowland sends party busses with DJ’s and drinks to and from the festival grounds, holds gate parties at the airport and most famously, arranges airplanes with resident DJ’s and food prepared by top chefs.

Tomorrowland attendees can access a select social network, only accessible to visitors,  that allows them to connect  and meet up with other festivalgoers. If two people happen to share a flight or stay at the same location on the camping site, they get matched and are encouraged to get to know each other.

The press at Tomorrowland is also in for a treat: the artist village is right next to the media village! Which means that the almost 1,000 artists attending can simply walk into the press room and get all their interviews done with TV, radio, podcast etc. in under one hour. Journalists no longer have to stalk artists in their dressing rooms to get an interview. The media have the artists coming to them and it is very easy to get a big name in your studio.

Take-aways from the most magical place on earth

With almost 1 million online ticket requests within 1 second of availability and 760,000 net new Facebook likes in one weekend (21/7/2017 – 22/7/2017), Tomorrowland should be the envy of every event organizer in the world. According to the marketing director, the key success factor is their attention to detail when it comes to planning the customer journey. Allowing the company to grow to over 65 employees helps in being able to devote a lot of human resources to the details of the customer journey.


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